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I have been involved in science communication for eleven years, focusing on marine biology, ecology, environmental science, and most recently, astronomy.

My time at the Ontario Science Centre proved invaluable in my development as a science presenter and storyteller. This is where I discovered my passion for science communication.

Being outdoors reminds me of what is important. Rock climbing is one of my favourite ways to connect with and experience nature.

For many years I volunteered as a wildlife rehabilitator with the Atlantic Wildlife Institute and the Toronto Wildlife Centre. I learned a great many things about caring for wild animals and the nature of humans in my time at these facilities, and I carry this experience with me to this day.

I am the Outreach Coordinator for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, home to 5200 members and 30 Centres across the country. I coordinate and develop online and in-person outreach programming and manage the Robotic Telescope Program.

Natural spaces have always been significant to me. Since 2016, I have been an Ontario regional director of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, assisting in fundraising, governance, and science-based advising.

I have been a scuba diver for 13 years. Experiencing the underwater world from a young age is what inspired me to pursue a degree focused on marine biology. I have done research diving, led guided tours and am a certified rescue diver.

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