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Professional Videography

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

This video was produced for the total lunar eclipse on January 20th, 2019. It was distributed to school teachers and society members as a tool to explain the science behind lunar eclipses.

Edinburgh Neuroscience

As my master's dissertation project, I produced a short film detailing a day in the life of Edinburgh Neuroscience, one of the largest neuroscience groupings in Europe. The film follows a day from morning to evening, while outlining neurological conditions from early life to end of life.

Hobby Videography

Ch-Ch-Change for Alex

After a dear friend had a stroke in 2016, I put this video together of a recent trip we had gone on together in order to raise money for her and her family while she recovered. 

South Nahanni River, NWT

For many years I have edited videos of trips taken with friends and family as mementos. This is from a 2015 rafting trip taken with my mother.

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